University Academic Policies

Important information regarding changes to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid Recipients and UNCG academic policy changes:

Financial Aid Policy

1. Change in Calculation of Minimum Hours Earned for SAP Compliance

Students must earn 67% (or a max of 12) of their locked hours at the end of schedule adjustment (locked hours) each semester.  To calculate the minimum hours required, multiply the number of credit hours at the end of schedule adjustment by 0.67 (normal rounding rules now apply to the percentage, not the hours).  Students who earn at least 66.5% of their locked hours can round up their percentage to 67%, which meets the requirements of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.  Please see the chart below which shows the amount of hours you need to earn to meet the SAP requirements based on the amount of your locked hours.

# of Locked Hours
Must earn (with new rounding rules – 66.5% >)
18 12
17 12
16 11
15 10
14 10
13 9
12 8
11 8
10 7
9 6
8 6
7 5
6 4
5 4
4 3
3 2
2 2
1 1

Example:  A student is locked in 14 hours.  The minimum number of hours required is 66.5% (or .665 as the multiplier).  14 x 0.665 = 9.31.  Since the absolute minimum required is 66.5%, and it is impossible to earn .31 hours, you must always round the hours up to the next whole number (normal rounding rules do NOT apply to the hours).

2. Change in Financial Aid Warning Category

Students who earn between 50% and less than 67% of locked hours and who have never been non-compliant with the SAP policy at UNCG will be placed on financial aid warning.  Graduate students will also be eligible to be placed on financial aid warning.  This category was previously restricted to first-time freshmen and first-time transfers.  Please see the attached SAP policy for additional information.

Withdrawal Policy

Undergraduate students who begin at UNCG in fall 2014 or later will be limited to withdrawing from a maximum of 16 semester hours throughout their degree. Course withdrawals that have taken place priorto fall 2014 will not be included in the 16 hour limit.

Undergraduate students who began at UNCG prior to fall 2014 will continue under the Course Withdrawal Policy outlined in the 2013-2014 Undergraduate Bulletin.

Financial aid policy still requires that all withdrawals must be counted in total attempted credit hours.

Academic Standing Policy

Undergraduates who begin at UNCG in fall 2014 or later will be required to meet the Academic Standing policy requirements outlined in the 2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin. Beginning fall 2014, a student’s academic standing will be based on their Grade Point Average (GPA) andSatisfactory Academic Progress (percentage of hours completed each term). In addition to maintaining a 2.00 cumulative GPA, students will need to earn 67% of their hours each semester to maintain Academic Good Standing.

You can find more information about the Withdrawal Policy and the Academic Good Standing Policy on the Students First Office website. The official policies will also be outlined in the 2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin  and the 2013-2014 Undergraduate Bulletin respectively.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Students First Office for assistance in understanding the University’s academic standing requirements and how they might impact your individual circumstances. You may speak to an advisor by calling (336) 334-5730 or via email at 

If you have additional questions regarding the changes to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid Recipients, please contact the Financial Aid Office.  You may speak to a financial aid counselor by calling (336) 334-5702 (please enter in your student ID number and PIN number).  You may also email the office directly at