Distance Education

Distance Education Costs:  Distance Education courses are offered through the Division of Continual Learning.  Courses taken through the Distance Education program are billed at a different rate than courses taken on campus.  For more information on tuition and fees for Distance Education courses please visit

Distance Education Cost of Attendance: Students who are classified in an on-line degree program will have their cost of attendance adjusted to reflect a distance budget. The cost of attendance for distance education students includes tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies and personal/miscellaneous expenses. A component such as travel is not calculated into the distance education budget.

Cost of Attendance Adjustments (computer expenses):  If a student has purchased a computer out of pocket for the current academic year they may be eligible for reimbursement. This adjustment is limited to a one-time addition to your cost of attendance.  The student must complete the Cost of Attendance Adjustment Form and provide a copy of receipt identifying the student as the purchaser of the computer. Please note that these expenses may or may not increase your award, depending on your financial aid eligibility. Please contact our office at 336-334-5702 if you have further questions.

Financial Aid Eligibility:  Students enrolled in on-line degree programs are eligible for regular financial aid consideration.  All awards are based on full time status.  The student is required to notify our office in writing if he/she will not be enrolled full time.  Failure to report this information will result in a delay of the disbursement of funds.  Failure to enroll in the required number of hours on which the award was based will result in an adjustment to your award and/or a required repayment of some or all of your financial aid funds.  **NOTE: Not all Graduate programs list below are eligible for Financial Aid. Please see the approved Financial Aid list on our Graduate Degree page.**