Financial Aid Checklist

To Receive your Financial Aid disbursement, you need to meet the following criteria. Refunding for eligible students begins on or before the first day of class each semester.

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (also known as FAFSA)

  • Visit  to start the process.  The FAFSA is available every January 1st for the upcoming academic year.  UNCG’s Priority Deadline is March 1st. UNCG's Federal School Code is 002976.
  • The student and parent must each obtain a Personal Identification Number (PIN) at  The PIN serves as your electronic signature. Please make sure both you and your parent (if your parent’s signature is required) sign the FAFSA or it will be rejected.  Please be sure to keep all PIN numbers in a safe location in order to access them each year.

Complete any outstanding financial aid requirements

  • All incomplete requirements can be viewed via UNCGenie. If you have been selected for Verification, we suggest that you make clear copies of all requested documents and turn them into the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. Please make sure all tax returns and other forms are signed.

Receive award letter email notification

  • Once the FAFSA is received and all awarding requirements are met, you will receive an award letter email notification.  Your official award letter can be viewed via UNCGenie.

Complete immunization requirements

  • Immunization requirements must be completed and cleared with Student Health Services prior to the payment deadline.  Incomplete immunization requirements will prevent all financial aid from disbursing to a student account.  Please contact Student Health Services at (336) 334-5340 to complete this requirement.

Accept Award Terms and Conditions on UNCGenie

  • Select tab Accept Award Terms and Conditions. Read the information in the Terms and Conditions tab. When you get to the bottom of the page, select Accept. You will not be able to accept your award until you read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Complete Financial Aid Revision Form (if applicable)

  • The Financial Aid Revision Form is used to report less than full-time enrollment as well as changes in full year enrollment. This form is also used to decline or reduce accepted loan amounts.

Accept loans on-line via UNCGenie

  • All students must accept loans on-line via UNCGenie if they wish to receive another student loan for the new academic year. Students may accept full or partial loan amounts on-line. This is a one-time acceptance process that must be completed each academic year. Any further changes in loan amounts will require students to contact the office or complete the Financial Aid Response form.

Complete online PLUS loan application (Federal PLUS and Graduate PLUS only)

Complete Loan Entrance Counseling (required for first time borrowers)

  • All new or transfer students must complete loan entrance counseling. You can satisfy this requirement by completing the entrance interview module at

Complete and submit the Master Promissory Note (MPN) to Direct Lending (First time borrowers & transfer students)

  • If you are receiving a Federal Student Loan and/or a PLUS Loan Direct Lending must receive the MPN in order for the funds to disburse to UNCG. The MPN can be signed at
  • PLUS Loan funds will not defer your bill until our office has received notification that the Master Promissory Note has been signed and the loan has been credit approved.
  • If you have a Federal Perkins Loan, please return the Perkins Loan MPN to UNCG Financial Aid Office. We cannot accept a faxed copy. Please mail or drop off the original MPN in person to our office.


Important Dates to Remember

Early June: If you choose, sign up for the payment plan offered by the University

You can fill out the application online at or by calling their toll-free number 1-800-635-0120. Academic year or fall only plans begin in June.

Early July: Double check registration and billing by using UNCGenie.

You can view your registration status by selecting Financial Aid and then Estimated Final Bill. For accurate billing information go the Student Account Center via UNCGenie.

By late July: Make sure you have paid your outstanding bill to the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office.

You can make payments in person, via US mail, or online through the student’s UNCGenie account. Online payments are fast and secure.


Other Important Information

Refund Check
If you are due a refund check and have satisfied all requirements, you may receive your refund check by the start of classes at your local mailing address or your campus mailbox, if you live on campus.  You may also sign up for direct deposit via the Student Account Center.  Please contact the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office for more information on direct deposit. Refunds are processed weekly once the semester begins.

Review Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP) and locked hours
The Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy is a federal policy that can prevent students from receiving financial aid due to inadequate academic progress. You can view your status by going through the Financial Aid section and selecting View My Locked Hours. Your SAP status is based on your enrollment that is locked at the end of the Schedule Adjustment period (which is usually the first week of classes). After having read the policy, please contact our office if you have further questions regarding this policy.


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