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Narrator: Hey…what…are you guys doing?

Other person: We’re practicing

Narrator: For…a mime class? Oh, I know, you’re going to pose for an art class aren’t you?

Other person: No, we’re practicing Good Academic Standing.

You won’t earn Good Academic Standing just by standing around. Good Standing takes some work on your side all through your college career, and some good planning as well. You’ve probably tuned in to this videocast because you received a notice that says you’re not meeting your financial aid requirements.

We’ll walk you through several available resources to help you meet what’s called Satisfactory Academic Progress, so that you can get your financial aid back on track.

We recommend you watch the videos in order: First an overview of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy; second, the Academic Plan for Success; and of course we save the best for the last – the GRADUATION plan.

I love the sound of that…GRA-DU-A-TION, don’t you?