Maximum Time Frame and Financial Aid Eligibility

To ensure that you can successfully complete your undergraduate degree prior to exhausting your financial aid, we strongly encourage you to meet with your academic advisor and review your current graduation plan.

If you would like assistance with your graduation plan or academic success plan, you should meet with an academic advisor or contact the Students First Office:

  • Phone: (336) 334-5730
  • Location: 061 McIver
  • Email:
  • Web:

Questions regarding your financial aid eligibility should be directed to the Financial Aid Office:

  • Phone: (336) 334-5702
  • Location: 723 Kenilworth St
  • Email:
  • Web:

Maximum Time Frame - First Degree:

An undergraduate student seeking a first degree is eligible to receive financial aid for a maximum of 150% of the hours required for the degree (maximum of 180 attempted hours).

Maximum Time Frame - Second Degree:

A student pursuing a second degree is eligible to receive financial aid for a maximum of 150% of the hours required for the second degree (maximum of 228 attempted hours including the first degree).

Maximum Number of Hours Allowed - Graduate School:

To remain eligible for financial aid, graduate students must be able to complete their degree within 150% of the hours required for the degree (including thesis/dissertation). For more information click here .

Critical Reminders:

  1. Hours dropped after schedule adjustment are included in locked hours and counted in total attempted hours for financial aid.
  2. All grades of W are required to be counted in the total attempted hours.
  3. Students who have exceeded the maximum time frame or are unable to graduate within the maximum time frame are no longer eligibile for financial aid per federal regulations.

Financial Aid Eligibility:

Eligibility for the Federal Pell Grant, the UNC Need Based Grant, and the Education Lottery Scholarship has been limited to a certain number of semesters due to funding limitations at the federal and state levels.

Federal Pell Grant - maximum of 6 years as a full-time student

UNC Need Based Grant and Education Lottery Scholsrship - maximum of 10 semesters combined.

Due to these funding restrictions, students are also reaching their maximum loan limits at a quicker rate than previous years. As a result, students are exhausting any potential financial aid eligibility prior to completing their first undergraduate degree at UNCG.

Financial Aid Appeals:

Students who are non-compliant with the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy are no longer eligible for financial aid. Students may appeal to reinstate their financial aid eligibility by earning the number of deficient credit hours and/or improving their GPA without financial aid. Students may also appeal based on documented extenuating circumstances.

For additional information regarding the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and the appeals process, please review

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