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You must be an admitted adult student enrolled at least half-time in order to apply for these funds. Complete the Adult & Transfer Student Scholarship Application here: --one application provides consideration for all scholarships. Need-based scholarships also require completion of a FAFSA. Contact Undergraduate Admissions at (336) 334-5243 for more information or to obtain an application. The application deadline is June 1st. Recipients will be notified on or around August 1st.


Fund Eligible Students
Kendrick Gilmore Bell Scholarship
Recipients will be degree-seeking students aged 22 or older, with financial need, who are attending college for first time, or who are returning to college after a break of 1year or more, or who are returning to complete a second undergraduate degree more than one year after receiving the first undergraduate degree. 

Class of 1948
50th Anniversary Scholarship
Adult student

Class of 1953 Adult Student Scholarship
Awarded to adult students

Betty Everhart Education Fund
Awarded to adult, female students. Recipients must be U.S. Citizens or resident aliens.

Linda Hiatt Scholarship for NC Community College Students
Awarded on the basis of academic merit to transfer students with sophomore or junior status from one of the NC community colleges. Preference for students from Surry Community College.

Katheryne Levis McCormick Adult Scholarship
Awarded based on financial need to degree seeking adult student who is attending college for the first time, or returning to complete undergraduate or graduate studies that have been interrupted for at least one year, or earned a bachelor's degree at least one year previously and now returning for a second undergraduate degree

Non-Traditional Adult Scholarship
Awarded to female, adult students who have had at least a 5 year break in their education.

Agnes & Foster Osborne Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to an adult student.

Martin W. Parcel Scholarship for Adult Students Adult student

Dr. Moses Edward Rice, Jr. Town Student Scholarship Awarded to an adult student, living off-campus or with parents, who has financial need.

UNCG Adult Students Scholarship
Awarded to adult undergraduate students in good academic standing.