Are You Ready for the Fall Semester?

Posted on Monday, August 14th, 2017 by fiaadm under News.

For Fall 2017, the first day we are authorized to pay financial aid funds to student accounts is August 5, 2017.  On August 7, 2017, the Cashier’s Office will begin to process refunds to students (available by direct deposit or mailed check usually by August 11, 2017).  Refunds are only generated if a student’s aid is more than enough to cover the bill and their courses are confirmed.

Bookstore Bucks are available as an option to purchase books until 11:59 pm, August 17. The amount requested in Bookstore Bucks is added to the student’s bill. If the student’s refund is generated before the Bookstore Bucks charge is added to the student account, they will have to pay this out of pocket. Students can find more information about this at the Bookstore web site.

All students are required to have Health Insurance and the university will automatically apply the charge each semester. If the student is already covered by a health insurance plan, they can request a waiver online through Student Health Services.

Make sure you complete payment confirmation for fall 2017. You may track your status on UNCGenie under the Student Services and Financial Aid tab by selecting Payment Confirmation.

You may not be confirmed in your courses or your refund may be delayed due to:

  • Having not accepted your aid. You can find instructions for accepting your award on our website.
  • Owing a prior balance from a previous year. Prior balances need to be handled with the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office.
  • Incomplete university immunization requirements for Student Health Services.
  • Incomplete financial aid requirements. You can find instructions for checking your requirements on UNCGenie on our website.
  • Not being enrolled in the correct number of hours to receive your disbursement. All awards are initially based off of full time hours (12 hours for undergraduates, 9 hours for graduates at the 500 level or above) unless you have previously completed a Financial Aid Revision Form and submitted it to our office. This form allows us to update your cost of attendance and award as necessary based on your expected enrollment.
  • Not completing the Title IV Authorization Form.
  • Not submitting final transcripts to Admissions.
  • Completing the Master Promissory Note and/or complete required Entrance Counseling for your loans. Both requirements must be completed on
  • Not receiving aid due to not meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress You may submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal if you wish to reinstate your financial aid eligibility.
  • Owing a balance to UNCG because the amount of financial aid is not enough to cover the full bill. You can view the bill online through the Student Account Center. Your Current Account Status will reflect your charges as well as your available financial aid. If your aid is more than enough to cover your bill the balance will be negative, that is your estimated refund. If you owe a balance there may be options for covering that balance:
    • Payment plan options are available through the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office.
    • For dependent students, parents can apply for a Parent PLUS loan. Graduate students can apply for a Graduate PLUS loan. Both applications are available on