Estimate Your Bill

This Bill Estimator is currently based on estimated tuition and fees for the 2020-2021 academic year. This will help you estimate the costs of attending UNCG for a single semester before you receive a bill from the university.

All students will have a graduate or undergraduate tuition charge, regardless of other fees associated with attendance at UNCG. If you plan to live on campus and/or purchase a meal plan, be sure to include that in your selections. Also review the Misc. Fees categories so you may add any applicable charges to your billing estimate.

Please be aware that these are general costs and may not include all charges that could occur on your bill. If you plan to park on campus, the cost of a parking permit will be added to the charges on your student account. Parking Operations & Campus Access Management has a list of parking options. Other costs that might be incurred include parking fines, library fines, medical fees, tuition differentials, and special fees per course/program, etc. There may also be other expenses for school not directly charged by the university that you will need to consider when calculating your total cost for the semester. These expenses could include books and supplies and transportation costs that cannot be calculated here.

Students should start by making a choice from the ITEM column then selecting an option from the SELECTION column. You can then add items as applicable to come up with the estimate of your bill.


Total value:

The full chart of charges can be found on the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office website. Graduate students should check the chart to see if their program has additional charges.

You can review your student bill on the Student Account Center which is accessible from the UNCGenie homepage. Bills for the fall semester of the upcoming academic year should be available on-line early July.

For detailed information about your bill, please contact the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office at 336-334-5831 or