Estimated Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is an estimate of what students may spend for the listed items. These are not charges nor is it an official bill. The COA is used to determine the maximum amount of financial aid that a student might need and is provided as a guide to help students and families in budgeting for the academic year.

The types of costs that are consider “direct” are those that would normally appear on the bill. All students are billed Tuition and Fees for their registered classes. If a student lives on campus then their Housing and a Meal Plan if they have one are direct costs. If you do not live on campus or if you do not have a meal plan, you would not be billed for these charges.

The other items are classified as “indirect” costs. Students do not receive a bill from the University for these charges, but still may need to spend money on these items or similar expenses. Types of “indirect” costs:

  • Rent if living off campus
  • Food such as groceries purchased outside of a meal plan
  • Books & supplies
  • Travel home or commuting costs
  • Personal and miscellaneous (shampoo, soap, new coat, linens, etc.)

The Cost of Attendance is not the bill and is not designed to be an estimate of the bill. You can view your actual charges through the Student Account Center or you can use the bill estimator.

The Cost of Attendance is calculated based on research such as local cost of living calculations and surveys of the student body.