Fall 2017 Disbursement & Emergency Loan Information

Posted on Monday, May 15th, 2017 by fiaadm under News.

The Cashier’s Office estimates that the first mailing of refund checks and processing of direct deposit refunds will be completed by August 15, 2017 for those who have aid that exceeds their charges to UNCG. Please make sure you update your mailing address on UNCGenie as the checks will go to your campus mailbox if you live on campus or to your local address if you live off campus. Also, make sure that your bank accounts are set up correctly in the Student Account Center. Please make these updates before August 8,2017. Aid will be disbursed to students who are registered, have submitted all necessary forms to the UNCG Financial Aid Office, are making satisfactory academic progress, and have been confirmed in their courses for the semester. You may not be confirmed in your courses due to:

  • Owing a balance to UNCG above the amount of financial aid you are receiving.
  • Owing a prior balance from a previous year.
  • Not completing your university immunization requirements.
  • Not having financial completed financial aid requirements.
  • Not being enrolled in the correct number of hours to receive your disbursement.
  • Not completing the Title IV Authorization Form.

Loan disbursements will not be made if you are not enrolled in full time hours (12 hours for undergraduates, 9 hours for graduates at the 500 level or above) unless you have previously completed a Financial Aid Revision Form and submitted it to our office. This form allows us to update your cost of attendance and award as necessary based on your expected enrollment. You should view your status on UNCGenie.


Fall Emergency Loan Applications available on UNCGenie starting August 9th

Please make your request in whole dollars (do not include cents in your amount requested).

If you will be repaying the loan with pending financial aid you can currently apply for a maximum of $1200 if you have expected aid to cover that amount.

You will be contacted via your UNCG email address concerning the status of your application.

If your loan is approved, you will need to come to the Financial Aid Office and pick up an approval notice to take to the Cashier’s Office to receive your funds. There is a $5 processing fee for all approved emergency loans that will be taken out by the Cashier’s Office when you receive your funds. If you have outstanding financial aid requirements or have already received an emergency loan for the current semester, you will be unable to apply for an emergency loan through this process.