Getting Started

I’m independent, do I have to include parent information on the FAFSA?
Your dependency for FAFSA purposes may be different, the FAFSA will ask you the questions to determine if you need to provide parent information. You can also view those factors on this federal page.

My household income has changed dramatically from the information used on the FAFSA, what do I do?
You can complete the Professional Judgement Application to request to have your aid reconsidered. This form is available in the office or you can contact us to receive this form. Once the application is reviewed then we will notify what documentation is required for your circumstance.

My Financial Aid says that I am out-of-state but I should be in-state, how do I fix it?
Residency is now determined at a state level. Visit their site for more information.

My Award

How do I know when I’m awarded?
Once your financial aid application has been processed we will send an award notification email to the student at your UNCG email account.

Can I receive Financial Aid to buy a laptop?
Funds are not allocated to a specific purpose. However if a student has remaining aid eligibility that cannot used based off of their current estimated cost of attendance, then they can request an adjustment. The student must first purchase the computer and then submit the Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request Form with documentation that the student purchased the computer.

What do Estimated Family Contribution(EFC) and Estimated Cost of Attendance(COA) mean?
Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is an amount calculated from information that you provided in your FAFSA. This is the number the financial aid office uses to determine your eligibility for need-based financial aid. It is not the amount you are expected to pay. The Estimated Cost of Attendance (COA) is the budget number including living expenses used for financial aid calculations. It is not an estimate of your bill.

Outstanding Requirements

I filed the FASFA, now do I provide you with my tax forms?
We do not need your tax forms unless specifically requested. If we need additional information after the FAFSA is received we will let you know by posting outstanding requirements.

The FAFSA said that I am not a Citizen OR I am not a Citizen, what do I do?
You may still be eligible depending on your status visit our Citizenship page for more information on if you are eligible and what documentation we would need.


I want Work-Study but it was not part of my award, how do I get it?
If you did not initially receive Work-Study then you can contact our office to request to be put on the wait list for if funds become available. If awarded you will be notified and then you must complete the steps to receive your Work-Study.

Paying Your Bill

How do I apply my financial aid to my bill?
Financial aid is credited toward your student account after it has been accepted and after you have completed and submitted all required paperwork and documents and after any holds have been cleared. Your financial aid will then be applied to the student account to reduce the balance due.

Outside Scholarships

Do I have to report my outside scholarships?
Yes, you have to notify the Financial Aid Office of ANY outside aid that you will be receiving. See our outside scholarships page for how to provide us with that information.


My financial aid is greater than my semester bill. How do I receive the remaining fundsf your student account center reflects a credit balance (a negative number), the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office will issue a refund to you for the excess amount. The first refunds are typically sent the week before classes begin for any students who have everything in place, then weekly as students complete the Financial Aid process. Refunds will be sent by mail to whatever is set as your local address on UNCGenie unless you set up direct deposit through the student account center.

Do I have to report my refund or my financial aid as income on my taxes?
The Financial Aid Office cannot give tax advice.

  • Refer to the 1098-T form which you can print from UNCGenie (Click on the following options: Student Services and Financial Aid/Student Records/Tax Notification/Enter the Tax Year).
  • If you have further questions, please contact a Certified Public Accountant, tax preparer, or the IRS Publication 970 to see if you have to report any financial aid as income on your tax return.
  • If you have questions about your 1098-T form, please contact the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office.

Academic Performance and Registration

If I repeat classes will financial aid pay for them?
If you have earned a D or better in a class then it is considered a repeat. If you failed or withdrew from a course then it is not actually considered a repeat. You cannot receive Financial Aid based off of repeat courses, however depending on your aid eligibility the financial impact will vary. Please contact our office so we can address your specific situation.

What is a”Part of Term” course and how does it affect my aid?
Part of Term is when a course during the Fall or Spring does not last the entire semester. As long as a student is enrolled in courses that span the entire semester the aid is not affected. However if a student’s registration does not span the entire semester then their eligibility may be reduced and they must notify us using the Financial Aid Revision form. If a student is in any part of term courses and makes schedule changes during any part of the semester it is important to contact the Financial Aid Office before hand to discuss possible repercussions.

I am also taking courses at another school, how does this affect my financial aid?
In most cases you can only receive aid at a single institution. Usually it is more advantageous to receive aid at the institution where you are enrolled in more credit hours. Keep in mind that you must be eligible for aid at that school under all other criteria. If the other school is also in Greensboro you may want to see if the courses can be take through the Greater Greensboro Consortium.

I am still enrolled, do I really need to complete the Exit Counseling?
Yes, the exit counseling requirement is generated when a student at any time is not enrolled or is enrolled below half time, because that student may be entering repayment. Completing the Exit Counseling will not begin your repayment but is an informational module about the process. If you do complete the Exit Counseling it can prevent the disbursement of future aid.

Emergency Loans

What is an emergency loan?
An emergency loan is a short-term loan granted by the Financial Aid Office to students who need assistance in covering expenses that result from unforeseen situations. Emergency loans cannot be used for tuition, fees, or other institutional charges.

How do I apply for an emergency loan?
At the start of the Fall and Spring semesters the application is available online through UNCGenie and you will be notified when your emergency loan is available for pick up. The application is always available in person in the Financial Aid Office. Due to the fact that students have to pick up the funds in person from the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office we are unable to do Emergency Loans remotely. Emergency Loans can be based off of pending Financial Aid for the current semester OR employment paystubs showing it can be paid back in 30 days or by the end of the current semester, whichever is closer.