Financial Literacy

Student Budgeting
(From Housing and Residence Life)

You’ve taken your first steps on campus – it’s a wonderful feeling.  College life promises opportunities, possibilities, and independence en route to your full integration into global society.  It is an exciting environment, and your time at UNCG will be some of the best years of your life.  However, there are important added responsibilities that come with being a college student, primarily related to money.

Money is a driving force in our society, a force that is clearly tangible in our daily lives.   As a college student, you will have to manage a wide variety of expenses, and, you will find, money is often tight.  Therefore, building a sound strategy early in your collegiate career and sticking to it will be vitally important for staying financially strong and making good decisions with your money.


A key strategy you can employ to promote monetary well-being is budgeting.  A budget is a financial plan that lists all planned expenses and income.  It details the money you have, and the money that you need to spend.  By keeping track of these factors, you can manage your finances so that you’re never late for a bill and can have extra cash to buy the newest gadget.

Other Tips to Save

  • Find and take advantage of student discounts in the surrounding area.  Many local businesses cater to the large student population in Greensboro.
  • Buy used textbooks.  You’ll save cash and promote sustainable practices.
  • If you have a credit card, treat it like a debit card.  Debit cards can only withdraw money that exists in a current account, whereas credit cards can charge up to your credit limit.  Do not charge something to your credit card that you cannot pay back within the next monthly billing cycle.  Failing to do so can lead to credit card debt, which compiles interest at a staggering rate and can be difficult to pay off.
  • Refrain from borrowing more money from loan sources than you actually need.  It may be tempting to have some extra spending cash, but you’ll have to pay all of that money back eventually and almost always with interest.

Through budgeting and intentional financial planning you will start laying the foundation for an excellent future with your money.  Building strong habits while you are in college will serve you well at UNCG and in your upcoming endeavors.

Repayment of Education Loans

Federal Student Aid offers a Loan Simulator to help you determine what your payments may look like.

Trouble Making Your Federal Student Loan Payments?

Trouble Making Your Federal Student Loan Payments?

When It's Time to Repay

When It’s Time to Repay