Graduate and Doctoral

Thinking about going back to school for a graduate degree?  Wondering if you can receive financial aid?  Here is some helpful information about the process:

In order to be considered for most types of aid, including Federal Student Loans, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). In order to ensure that your information is sent to UNCG, please be sure to include UNCG’s Federal School Code (002976) in the “school information” section of the FAFSA.  Please be sure to register for a FSA ID at as this is required to sign your application electronically as well as access your FAFSA information in the future.

Most graduate students admitted into a degree or eligible certificate program are eligible for Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans only. Scholarships are awarded by the Graduate School and each Academic Department.   If you are interested in Graduate or Teaching Assistantships, there is more information on the Graduate School’s website. If you are interested in Fellowships, please view their Fellowships page.

The unsubsidized loan is not dependent on need but does accrue interest while the student is in school. Repayment does not begin until the student graduates or drops below half-time enrollment.

  • A student’s loan eligibility will be based on enrollment status. Full-time enrollment is defined as 9 hours for Graduate students. Graduate students must enroll in at least 4.5 semester hours to be considered half time and to receive loans. Courses must be at the 500 level or above unless the student has submitted the Graduate Petition to take Undergraduate Courses and been approved.
  • Graduate students can receive up to $20,500 in unsubsidized student loans annually depending on the calculated cost of attendance and other aid you may receive.
  • Graduate students can borrow up to $138,500 overall while pursuing graduate/professional degrees.

Graduate Plus Loan – This loan is available to Graduate students who have borrowed their annual or aggregate limit under the Federal Student Aid program.  This loan cannot be awarded in excess of the cost of attendance. Graduate students of all income levels are eligible but it is a credit-based loan. Students must apply and be approved for the loan.  Repayment of the loan is deferred contingent upon half time enrollment.

Maximum Number of Hours Allowed – Graduate School – To remain eligible for financial aid, graduate students must be able to complete their degree within 150% of the hours required for the degree (including thesis/dissertation).