Outstanding Requirements

If you receive an email saying that your Financial Aid file is incomplete it means that there is currently something preventing you from being awarded or preventing your award from disbursing. The email provides you with your UNCG student ID number and the link to get your PIN. Once you have both items then you can log onto UNCGenie to view your requirements:

1. Click on the UNCGenie icon in the upper right corner of the UNCG web site
2. Click ​the ​”Enter Secure Area​” option on the UNCGenie Home page
3. Enter your Student​/University ID Number and your UNCG PIN
4. Click on Financial Aid
5. Click on Eligibility
6. Select Aid Year, click on drop down box for the current or upcoming Academic Year
7. Review your Unsatisfied Requirements.

Unsatisfied Requirements will be listed first and at the bottom you can see any Satisfied Requirements. Under the Requirements column will be the requirement itself often with a short description. Some requirements may specify that “No action is required from you.” because sometimes there is processing that needs to occur on our end. The next column is the Status column. For instance “Requested” means action is still needed and “Received not yet Reviewed” means we have received things but they have not been reviewed by us yet. You may sometimes have requirements that are tied together; a student selected for Verification will have a Verification Review requirement that will be updated by us based off of all of the other requirements, so make sure to read all of your requirements.

If a requirement has a form then it is attached to the requirements page and they can also be found in the forms section of our website and if you have any questions about your requirements feel free to contact us.

Please be aware that financial aid will not pay to your account until all requirements are satisfied.​

More information on some common requirements: