When a student applies for Financial Aid for the first time the first step is creating the FSA ID needed to file the FAFSA. The student’s FSA ID will be used to log into the FASFA. The parent’s FSA ID will only be used to provide their signature at the end of the application.

To determine if you as the parent need to provide your information check and see if your student will be considered dependent for FAFSA purposes. If you are not sure whether to include your information or another parent’s information or have questions about reporting your information please refer here.

We have several guides to help you and your student through the application process:

  • First Steps Brochure is a pdf that we update each year with step by step guidance for the process.
  • How to Apply gives you an overview of the major steps to make sure that a student receives their aid.

The financial aid awarded based off of the FAFSA is all in the student’s name. Any grants, any subsidized or unsubsidized loans, any scholarships are solely connected to the student. The student does not need a cosigner for their federal student loans. There are two cases in which there may be a loan in a parent name:

  • Federal Parent PLUS – If a student is considered a dependent on the FAFSA then you as their parent can choose to apply for the PLUS loan. Either the parent is approved and the parent can take the loan or if the parent is denied there is an option where the student can receive additional.
  • Alternative Loans – Student’s can apply for loans through outside lenders but many student’s do not have the credit to be approved on their own but may be able to with a cosigner such as a parent.

As a parent you may also want to look into the payment plan offered through the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office.