Satisfactory Academic Progress

To view the complete SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) Policy follow the link below to our forms.

SAP 101 – Understanding Satisfactory Academic Progress

The federal and state governments require each educational institution to define standards of progress for students seeking financial aid. All students who wish to qualify for financial aid while attending UNCG must meet the following standards:

  • Minimum grade point average
  • Minimum semester credit hour completion rate
  • Completion of a degree within a maximum number of credit hours

These standards are applied uniformly to all UNCG financial aid applicants. If a student meets these standards, they are eligible to be considered for financial aid. If a student does not meet these standards, they are not eligible to receive financial aid. Procedures for reestablishing financial aid eligibility are described in the policy statement and the paperwork is available in the forms section of our website.

Financial aid is defined as all federally-funded aid programs, state-funded student assistance programs and institutional aid (except as otherwise noted).

In this policy, “eligible for financial aid” means that a student meets the standards of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid Eligibility but must also meet all other financial aid requirements in order to receive financial aid.