Semester Start Up Guide


A good start is key to a successful semester. Use these resources to quickly get going in the right direction.


Money Matters Resources

Bill Estimator– This feature helps you estimate your semester charges before receiving the official bill.

Upload Documents – The quickest and most secure way to submit documents to Financial Aid is by using the upload feature in UNCGenie. These are sent directly into your financial aid file.

UNCG Cashiers and Student Accounts Bills for the term are generated electronically by the Cashiers Office. You can view your bill on the Student Account Center from the UNCGenie Home page. Your Current Account Status will reflect your charges as well as your available financial aid. Make sure you view the video from the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office to understand how your financial aid is applied to your bill and how to pay any balances due.

Health Insurance & Immunization – You are required to have health insurance and the university will automatically charge you each semester. If you are already covered by a health plan, you can request a waiver online at the Student Health Services web site. While you are visiting the site, make sure you also take care of your immunization requirements.

Bookstore Bucks are available as an option to purchase your books. You can find more information about this at the Bookstore web site.

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Students are billed per semester and payment is due before each semester begins.  If you are receiving Financial Aid, your aid will be paid per semester after you have completed all requirements.  Your aid each semester may be sufficient to cover all of your semester charges. In that case, you would not owe anything out of pocket to UNCG. However, if your aid will not cover all of your bill, you will have to pay the difference by the bill due  date.

Please be sure to accept all of the aid that you wish to use for the upcoming year. Follow the instructions in the UNCGenie Guide if you need help accepting your award.  You can also view this video for more information about the financial aid process.

If you are planning to accept student loans, your Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Counseling requirements need to be completed at so the loan funds can be paid on your student bill. If you have already completed this, we should receive that information as we go through the loan process.

Other Payment Options

You can use any or all of these ways to pay your bill:

  1. Outside resources (private scholarships, 529 plans, Veterans’ Benefits, etc.)
  2. Direct Payments to UNCG
    a. Tuition payment plan (see Cashiers Office for details)
    b. Cash or check in person at Cashiers Office
    c. Online e-check or credit card through Student Account Center
  3. Federal Parent PLUS Loan
  4. Alternative or private loan


Payment Plan Information

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