Student Types

A student’s aid eligibility is partially determined by the degree type being pursued.

Check out our New Applicant and Parent pages for information on starting the process.

A student pursuing their first Bachelors degree, regardless of if they have already received an Associates degree, is eligible for aid as an Undergraduate First Degree seeking student. If you attended UNCG previously but want to come back and finish your first degree you are a Returning Student as well.

If a student is getting a Bachelors but has already completed their first then their eligibility is as an Undergraduate Second Degree seeking student.

A student returning after their first Bachelors might also be pursuing a Certificate or Licensure program, which depending on the program may have varying eligibility.

If admitted to a Graduate or Doctoral program then a student is eligible for aid as a Graduate degree seeking student.

Students in any of these groups may also have a second classification as an Online Student if they applied to a specifically distance program.

Veterans and/or Benefits Recipients receiving benefits through the VA will have separate processes to complete for those funds.

UNCG also has a program called Beyond Academics supporting students with intellectual and developmental disabilities enrolled in Integrative Community Studies, a four-year certificate course of study that emphasizes higher education, self-determination, community inclusion, career development and independent living. Students completing requirements for graduation receive a certificate awarded by The Office of the Provost at UNCG. The Beyond Academics program has a different set of aid eligibility.