Study Abroad

Before Your Departure

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at:
    The priority filing date for UNCG is December 1st. Complete your FAFSA for the following academic year before December 1st. Waiting to file your FAFSA until you return may delay your fall semester funds!
  • Check UNCGenie for Outstanding Documents needed to award your financial aid.
  • Check UNCGenie for award details once you receive your Award Notification. Accept or decline your offered financial aid awards and complete all requirements. Your Limited Power of Attorney designee cannot complete these documents or any loan Master Promissory Note for you.
  • Keep your contact information current. Make necessary arrangements to receive your mail and other correspondence while you are abroad.

Receiving Refunds

  • Refunds will process based on the UNCG school calendar and cannot be processed early for students who depart for their program prior to the start of classes here at UNCG. If your program begins after the start of the UNCG semester, your funds will be disbursed 10 days prior to the start of your program abroad.
  • Complete the online direct deposit process via UNCGenie in the Student Account Center to receive your funds through direct deposit.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

It is your responsibility to maintain a full-time course load while studying abroad and to make sure that all credits from your host institution are posted to your UNCG transcript promptly. Submit the study abroad Verification of Completion form to the International Programs Center to confirm that you completed the program.
Semesters studied abroad will be reviewed at the end of the summer semester of the academic year, or earlier if grades are received. For any term that study abroad students attend UNCG directly, they will be reviewed for compliance at the end of that term.
If a student fails to meet the SAP requirement at the end of a term attended at UNCG, the student will be marked non-compliant at that time even if study abroad grades have not been received. You may file a Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal if you have an extenuating circumstance.
To view your locked hours, please check UNCGenie.

  • Log onto UNCGenie
  • Click onto Student Services & Financial Aid
  • Click onto Financial Aid
  • Click onto My Eligibility
  • Click onto Locked Hours for Financial Aid Eligibility

For information regarding exchange programs, application deadlines, and IPC Travel Grants, please contact:
The International Programs Center
Phone: 336.334.5404
Website: Study Abroad and Exchanges