Summer Financial Aid

Financial Aid_Summer Session_WebHeadingAttending during the summer is a great way to stay on pace for graduation or to get ahead.  See the official summer website at for cost and registration information.  If you are interested in attending during the summer and receiving financial aid, continue reading for full details. 

Great News for Summer 2018: 

  • Year-Round Pell is back! Many current Pell Grant recipients will be eligible to receive an additional Pell Grant payment during summer 2018.  See Types of Aid Available below for full details.
  • Bookstore Bucks will be available for summer 2018 attendance. Sign up will begin in mid-April on the SpartanCard website.

How do I receive financial aid for summer enrollment?

No additional application necessary.  If you are registered for summer 2018 coursework and meet all eligibility requirements below, we will email you about your summer aid eligibility.  Summer aid processing begins in mid-March.  The earlier you register, the sooner you will be notified!

Eligibility Requirements for Summer Session Financial Aid

  • Be fully admitted or currently enrolled in an eligible degree-seeking or certificate program at UNCG.
  • Be registered for summer semester. Most types of aid require half-time enrollment (6+ hours for undergraduate students; 4.5+ hours in 500-level or higher classes for graduate students).
  • Have a 2017-2018 FAFSA on-file with UNCG and satisfy all outstanding financial aid requirements.
  • Satisfy all other University requirements (e.g., final transcripts, immunization, pay prior balances, etc.).
  • Be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

What types of aid are available?

Federal Pell GrantMany Pell Grant recipients will be eligible for Pell Grant funds during summer 2018 if they attend at least 6 hours during the summer.  Some Pell Grant recipients may be eligible for summer Pell even if enrolled less than half-time (applies only to students who attended part-time during the fall and/or spring semesters).

Federal Student Loans:  Students must be enrolled at least half-time to receive federal loans.  Your eligibility during summer semester is based on several factors:  your current grade level; how much you’ve already borrowed during the current 2017-2018 academic year; and how much you’ve borrowed cumulatively throughout your college career.

Federal Parent Loans (PLUS): For undergraduate students who have exhausted their own student loan borrowing eligibility for the current academic year, a parent may apply for a PLUS loan on their behalf.  Please follow these instructions.

Graduate PLUS loans: For graduate students who have exhausted their own student loan borrowing eligibility for the current academic year, they may apply for a Graduate PLUS loan.  Please follow these instructions.

Information about yearly and aggregate (cumulative) student loan borrowing limits can be found at

Special Notes

  • You cannot receive financial aid to re-take a course for which you’ve previously earned a passing grade/credit hours. You can re-take a course for a grade replacement but it will be at your own expense.  Consult with the Financial Aid Office and/or your academic advisor before attempting a repeat course during the summer semester so that we can advise you of your options.
  • If you drop or withdraw from a class after your summer aid has disbursed, an adjustment to your aid may be required and you may owe a repayment of funds to the University.
  • If you drop or withdraw from a class after the add/drop period (usually the first 2-3 days of each summer session), your future aid eligibility may be affected. Please read and understand the SAP policy.
  • Students are ultimately responsible for their tuition bill. If you are not eligible for summer financial aid, have outstanding requirements that need to be resolved before aid eligibility can be determined, or if your summer aid is processed after the bill due date due to late registration, you must pay your bill in order to secure your classes.  Students awarded summer financial aid after the bill has been paid out-of-pocket will receive a refund once their aid has disbursed.
  • For tuition payment and due date information, please visit the Cashiers and Student Accounts website.

Tips for Success

  • Be strategic with your enrollment.
    • Take classes that you need for your plan of study. Your academic advisor can help with this!
    • Avoid overloading yourself (summer courses move at a faster pace!). While the University limits undergraduate students to no more than 7 hours per session or14 hours total for the full summer semester, undergraduates only need to be registered for 6 hours total to receive most types of financial aid.
    • Pay attention to registration dates. Summer consists of several “parts of term”.
  • Borrow wisely. Accept just what you need to keep your debt to a minimum.
  • Consult with the Financial Aid Office if you have questions about summer enrollment and financial aid. We are here to help!

When will my financial aid pay my summer tuition bill?

Summer financial aid will begin disbursing at the start of your first summer session of enrollment, provided  that you:  are still enrolled in the number of hours and sessions for which you were initially awarded; have no holds; still meet all eligibility requirements previously mentioned; and have paid any balance not covered by your financial aid award.  If your enrollment plans change before the start of classes but after your summer financial aid award is initially calculated, please complete the Summer Financial Aid Request to Adjust Hours Form to notify us of your new schedule.  We will need to adjust your summer award accordingly in order for your aid to disburse towards your tuition bill.

If you have additional questions after reading this information, please call us at 336-334-5702 or email us at so that we may assist you.