Things to Know

Filing the FAFSA each year is essential but it isn’t the only step necessary to continue receiving aid.

You need to be able to navigate to UNCGenie in order to monitor the status of your award. This is where you will find the information on if you have outstanding requirements. It is also where you will view award information including the Cost of Attendance calculation, that will appear as part of your award but tends to cause confusion.

There are Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for aid in future semesters. If the requirements are not met than a student must submit the necessary documents and have them approved before any future aid can be received at UNCG.

Once a student receives aid for a semester if they do not finish the semester then they may not have been eligible for the aid received. If this happens the Financial Aid Office has to do a calculation to see if funds have to be returned. This is called the Return of Title IV funds and can result in money owed.

The University’s Academic Policies are different but they are also very important and do have an impact.