UNCG Grants and Scholarships

Most UNCG scholarships require that students complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in order to be eligible. Some funds require a separate application available from the academic department selecting the scholarship recipients. To assure full consideration for all possible funds, students should complete the FAFSA by December 1, prior to the academic year.

In general, all funds require that students be accepted to or enrolled in a degree or certificate program at UNCG. Students must also meet eligibility requirements as set forth in the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid Eligibility.

General UNCG Scholarships are awarded based off of the FAFSA.

UNCG Guarantee is a special program with it’s own office.

Scholarships Awarded by Academic Departments, Organizations or Offices:

Information contained within this directory is subject to revision without notice or obligation.